Welcome at omNorden - Building Executive Bridges

We support top and upper management in business negotiations,
we help you to work successfully in Sweden and Germany,
and we provide executive level contacts in Sweden and
help to understand upcoming disruptive innovation developments in the transport industry.

Our expertise is based on long standing experience as local managing director and senior vice president of a leading automotive supplier and on mandates in supervisort boards.


We prepare and support you during major negotiations

We help you prepare for major negotiations with OEM.

Our experience enables you to conduct successful re-negotiations of contracts.

With our help you will master the intercultural pitfalls during negotiations and project work.

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Business in Sweden

We introduce you to the Swedish company culture, decision processes, personnel management, politics

The Swedish business culture differs significantly from other European countries.
We give you an understanding to support your business conduct in Sweden.

We give you the tools to work successfully with your associates, the union and politicians.

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Innovation Guidance

We inform and guide you through the upcoming disruptive changes and innovations

Many disruptive changes for automobility, transport, energy and business models have their origin in the Nordics.
We help you understand the sustainability approach and new developments that will most likely affect your company's future.

We support you with information on how to change your product portfolio for staying successful.

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Executive Contacts

We support you to find the right people in Sweden

Business in Sweden is mostly based on trust.
We help you find and establish personal contacts with business executives.

Our offer includes representation as well as participation in your local supervisory and advisory board.

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