Why choose omNorden?

We talk on C-Level

We work on an equal level and share the same experiences.
With our experiences as managing director, supervisory board member and Senior Vice President, we have long year experiences in leading companies in another country.

We have international and intercultural leadership experience

We have lead branch offices, departments, teams and project groups in other countries for many years.
Our associates consisted of local employees as well as expats and immigrants.

We share the same experiences

You can rely on our practical knowledge as well as on our network to make your business entry or your business operations as smooth and successful as possible.
Whenever necessary, we will help you find the right specialists for particular problems.
Our experience encompasses acquisitions of multi-year contracts in the automotive industry as well as renegotiations up to 3 digit million Euro/USD volumes.

We share the same goals

During our first contact(s) we establish a common understanding of the goals you want to achieve.
If necessary, we will define priorities of objectives.

We know how the mobility industry works

We have served, negotiated with or consulted companies like AGCO Power, BMW, CEVT, Deutz, Ford, Geely, Hatz, Lombardini, MAN, Renault, PSA, Scania, SDFG Group, Volvo Cars, Volvo Eicher CV, Volvo Group and a number of Nordic mobility start ups.