Business in Sweden

We introduce you to the Swedish company culture, decision processes, personnel management and politics

You as a high level manager relocationg to Sweden, need more than just a general overview about life in Sweden.
We can provide basic knowledge,too, but focus on values and principles which guide life, business and politics in Sweden. In addition we focus on how goals are achieved in Sweden, how decisions are made and how they can be influenced.

Example: In most Swedish companies, the decision process on suppliers does not start with an RfQ, but much earlier. In order to be successful, you need to know whom to approach, how you do it and how you need to adapt your own wat of working.

How to work with associates, dealing with hirarchy

When working in Sweden - or dealing with Swedish employees - you need to have an understanding of how roles differ from those in any other country.

Example: Employees in Sweden just quit when they feel being pushed too hard, treated unfairly or neglected. You need the knowledge how much attention you must pay, what you can do (and what you should not do) and how you can get information how content your employees are.